Everyone is so excited for college and their new lives to begin.

I was excited freshman year after CCP but as the years have dwindled, I’ve realized how dependent I have gotten on my routine lifestyle. I don’t do well with change. I don’t want things to change drastically.

I’m scared- I won’t be good enough for college or I won’t get accepted where I want to go. Cost. Picking up and moving off on my own is frightening. But there’s always the side of it that is adventurous and exciting, like all things. That part I do look forward to. But to get to that stage my whole life has to change.

And as much as I fear change, in a sense I want it. New scenery, new location, new people. A new way of life.

I am a nostalgic person. I always think about the past. I fear the future. And that future I fear so much is quickly approaching.